Stonebridge Estate Subdivision

Stonebridge Estate Subdivision

Project Name: Stonebridge Estate Subdivision Works - Stage 1A

Location: Busselton, Western Australia

Client: QUBE Australia

Project Type: Subdivision Works / Road Works


Leeuwin Civil were engaged to perform excavation and construction works for the first stage of this five-stage rural subdivision (consisting of 2,000m2 block sizes) located approximately 5km from the heart of Busselton, in the south west of Western Australia.

Works included installation of a 7m-deep sewer main construction running for 500m through limestone cap rock – requiring dewatering due to a body of water encountered at 5m.

A Faux Bridge was constructed by reusing excavated limestone rock, which was broken into smaller rocks to create the faux bridge effect. This excavated rock was also used as part of the drainage headwall and side drain constructions to create an overall rural aesthetic appeal. Rural road constructions also included brick paving at intersections.

To reduce traffic noise to the new subdivision, an earth noise bund wall was constructed adjacent to the Busselton Bypass. This was also constructed using excavated materials from the deep excavations performed as part of the contract.

Leeuwin Civil was also responsible for the installation of stormwater drainage and utilities including a water main, gas, power and NBN communication constructions.

Scope of Works included supply and installation of:

  • four new 7m deep plastic lined sewers, with associated dewatering and dewatering
  • 375mm, 300mm and 225mm sewer mains;
  • 150mm sewer reticulation with associated manholes and pits;
  • stormwater drainage with associated manholes and stone pitched headwalls;
  • 100mm water mains and services;
  • transformers and power ring mains to the new subdivision;
  • road base and bitumen sealing;
  • Faux Bridge with fencing; and
  • rural pine post and rail fencing to all blocks.