Shenton Road Drainage Installation

Shenton Road Drainage Installation

Project Name: Shenton Road Drainage Installation

Location: Burekup, West Australia

Client: Shire of Dardanup

Project Type: Underground infrastructure / Drainage / Culvert installation


The Shenton Road Burekup was part of a $5.3 million road maintenance and upgrade program in the South West to improve safety, by implementing upgrading and widening works between the intersections of Russell and Collie River Roads.

Leeuwin Civil was engaged to undertake the supply and installation of approximately 1km of pre-cast concrete pipe and 27 drainage pits for the upgrade of stormwater drainage between Russell Road and Crampton Road. Two Rock basins were also constructed at the two outlets of the new drainage system, which then overflowed into the existing creek.

Working in close collaboration with the Shire, the Project Team devised a strategy whereby once Leeuwin Civil had completed 50 per cent of the pipework, Shire work crews were able to follow behind to complete road reconstruction works.

Then, once Leeuwin had completed the pipework, they were able to immediately return to the start of works to install the side entry pit lids behind the Shire crews, who were finalising road reconstruction. Subsequently, once the Shire crews completed restoration works they were immediately able to seal.

As a result of this revised program, works were completed well ahead of schedule. During works, the Shire also requested additional works to replace an existing culvert, located in a running stream. Leeuwin Civil completed this additional portion of works by bunding-off upstream and dewatering with an open pump. The new culvert was then installed on a blue metal bed and backfilled with stabilised sand along with new headwalls.

Scope of Works:

Leeuwin Civil were responsible for the installation of: 

  • 1km of pre-cast concrete pipe;
  • 27 drainage pits;
  • two rock basins;
  • side entry pit lids; and
  • replacement of a culvert in a running stream.