Narambeen Flood Damaged Road Repair

Narambeen Flood Damaged Road Repair

Project Name: Narambeen Flood Damaged Road Repair

Location: Narambeen, West Australia

Client: Shire of Narambeen

Project Type: Earthworks / Road Works / Traffic Management


Leeuwin Civil was engaged to provide road repair works to 11 flood damaged roads within the Shire. This included drainage repair works and gravel sheeting for approximately 18km of roads with 200mm thick gravel basecourse. The works included sourcing of local gravel (sourced from local farmers) pushed up with dozers, followed by loading and carting of gravel to the roads, and subsequent rehabilitation of gravel pits. The roads were reformed to original profile, gravel re-sheeting, spread and compacted with water to 95 per cent MMDD (Maximum Modified Dried Density). Leeuwin Civil also supplied accredited traffic management services to ensure safe passage for motorist and other road users during works.

Scope of Works:

  • repairs to 11 Shire roads;
  • drainage works;
  • gravel pit rehabilitation;
  • re-sheeting; and
  • traffic management services.