Honeywood Estate Retaining Wall Construction

Honeywood Estate Retaining Wall Construction

Project Name: Honeywood Estate Retaining Wall Construction

Location: Wandi, West Australia

Client: RJ Vincents

Project Type: Earthworks / Retaining Wall Construction


Leeuwin Civil were selected to construct Stages 1 and 2 of works to construct retaining walls at Honeywood Estate in Wandi.

Stage 1 works involved the initial earthworks and survey set out, followed by the supply and haulage of 6,000 tonnes of ironstone rock to a 6 metre high wall consisting of 2,500m2 of rock. Stage 2 involved approximately 3,000 tonnes of rock to construct a 7 metre high wall.

The project required a high degree of skill from the operators to ensure the angle of repose of the wall was to specified requirements. More than half a kilometre of walls were constructed in total.

Scope of Works:

  • earthworks;
  • survey set out;
  • haulage; and
  • retaining wall construction using excavators and grabs.