Capel Subdivision, Properjohn Road

Project Name: Capel Subdivision, Lot 18 Properjohn Road

Location: Capel, West Australia

Client: Chifel Pty Ltd

Project Type: Subdivision works/Stormwater drainage


Leeuwin Civil was engaged by Chifel to supply and install a stormwater drainage system for the new subdivision on Properjohn Road in Capel.

Works included the supply and installation of drainage pits in the subdivision’s verges and on the each individual lot; a new water main; and lot connection including the official link ins to the existing Shire mains on behalf of the Water Corporation. Two new sewer connections were also installed and connected to an existing live sewer main some 3m deep which required dewatering.

Leeuwin Civil also constructed a “battleaxe” driveway with services extended up to the end of the battleaxe for the new lot owners to connect into once they were ready.

Scope of Works:

  • stormwater drainage system;
  • sewer connections into a live sewer main;
  • battleaxe driveway construction; and
  • services.