Bridgetown Waste Facility Expansion Project

Bridgetown Waste Facility Expansion Project

Project Name: Bridgetown Waste Facility Expansion Project, Stage 1 – Leachate Pond Construction

Location: Bridgetown, West Australia

Client: Shire of Bridgetown & Greenbushes

Project Type: Dams/Leachate Pond Construction

Leeuwin Civil were engaged by the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, on WML Consultant’s recommendation, to construct Stage One of the future expansion of the Shire’s waste facility in Bridgetown.

Works comprised removing and stockpiling the initial 400mm of the existing ground and stockpiling as unsuitable material. The 10,000m3 of clay cut to fill material was then conditioned, placed and compacted to build the dam. The dam was lined with 5,000m2 of geosynthetic clay liner and covered with HDPE liner.

In the overflow pond, the floor was cut and trimmed, and then had 8,000m2 of geofabric placed on the floor. This was covered with 300mm of blue metal ballast with 180m of a 160mm HDPE leachate pipe within the ballast, which was welded together and connected to the main dam. The geofabric was then wrapped over the ballast to form a sealed leachate.

The project encountered heavy rains during the month of January, which could have had the potential to affect programming. However, this was overcome through close consultation with the Shire and WML with the solution including a week’s demobilisation to enable the site to dry out.

Scope of Works

  • removal and stockpiling in situ material;
  • preparing 10,000m3 of cut to fill in situ clay material;
  • supply and installation of 8,000m2 geofabric;
  • supply and installation of 5,000m2 of GCL;
  • supply and installation of 5,000m2 of HDPE liner;
  • supply and installation of 180m of 160mm HDPE leachate pipe; and
  • access track installation.