Bridgetown Liquid Waste Facility Expansion

Bridgetown Liquid Waste Facility Expansion

Project Name: Bridgetown Liquid Waste Facility Expansion

Location: Bridgetown, WA

Client: Shire of Bridgetown, Greenbushes

Project Type: Waste and Sediment Pond Construction


Following successful completion of the Leachate Pond Construction as part of Stage 1 of the Waste Facility Expansion Project, the Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes re-engaged Leeuwin Civil to complete further expansion works at the facility. Works for Stage 2 incorporated construction of an anaerobic and facultative wastewater pond.

Leeuwin Civil was responsible for bulk earthworks for the pond formations; followed by installation of interconnecting pond pipework; construction of a concrete delivery pad and supply and installation of a GCL and HDPE liner into the trenches.

Site fencing and gates were then installed once all other works were complete.

Scope of Works
• topsoil strip and re-spread;
• bulk earthworks;
• supply and installation of GCL and HDPE liner;
• interconnecting pond pipework;
• concrete delivery of hardstand and clay drying pad; and
• fencing and gate installation.